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Looking back over the past 25 years of SR Suntour history, it's clear that we've been through a lot of changes. From the original small company we have grown to be one of the world's biggest bicycle components suppliers. Our engineers have seen the drive train develop from single speed to completely sealed gear box systems, from the basic stiff front fork to an innovative suspension fork featuring an electric controlled lock out. Ever since we started developing new and innovative products, one key aim has been guiding all our ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions, namely: QSP = Quick Service Product. We want people to enjoy riding their bikes not to get angry about repairing them. In keeping with this philosophy, all our suspension fork products are based on "easy to replace" sealed cartridge systems.



Adapting this idea to the drive train sector we've developed a completely sealed, low maintenance nine speed gear box.



And as times have changed and new trends emerged, we have successfully utilized this technology on our brand new Pedelec and eBike components.


Today SR Suntour is one of the leading companies in the bicycle business when it comes to magnesium and alloy injection molding technologies. Our major development teams are based in Taiwan and China.  Assisted by our European and North American units, and working closely with a team of professional riders our developers ensure that what started out as a drawing reaches the road.

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