E-45 Rear Motor

Rated voltage 46,8V DC

Motor position Rear wheel

Wattage 500W

Sensor Torque, cadence, speed

Display 2,7“ LCD, five modes, remote switch, detachable display,

5V DC out via Mini-USB connector

Battery Li-ion 655Wh

Your Driving Force

Every movement is based on two possible and very decisive factors. An inner or outer drive. For maximum efficient propulsion, both should merge and work synergistically in the same direction.

This is precisely the case with our HESC ATS drive system and results in a perfect interplay of human and electromechanical power! Based on the Active Torque Sensor System (ATS), it makes locomotion with a bike efficient, intuitive and high-performance.

Are you going on a long weekend excursion or simply going for a ride in the fresh air? Are you planning a tour of the mountains without a stop? Are you moving about town, on the way to work, running errands or meeting friends?

Whatever your plans, the ATS family supports you in all of your activities, whether it’s power you’re looking for or extreme comfort. Our freewheel design guarantees unlimited pleasure, pure freedom and a smooth ride!

EBMH Rear Wheel Drive Motor

Rated voltage 46.8V DC

Motor position Rear wheel

Rated output 500W

max. torque 80Nm

Water/dust resistant IP56

Q-lOc: ø12thru axle, O.l.d. 157mm

Weight 3,9kg (with axle)

Freewheel mechanism

High speed reduction geared motor

High efficiency, maximum 87%

Cooling fin design

Compatible with cassette 9S, 10S and Shimano 11S

EBDS Display And Switch Unit

2.7” LCD display

Various assist mode (4 assist mode and no assist)

Various information mode (Odo, Trip, Batt.)

Mini-USB connector for power supply (5V DC 500mA)

Handle bar: ø25.4mm/31.8mm

EBCW & EBCT Crankset With Torque Sensor

Sensors Torque / cadence / speed / build-in the chain ring

Chain ring size 48T double chain guard

Efficient sening by infra red

External BB, 24mm crank shaft

EBBA Battery


Capacity: 13,9Ah

Range: up to 150km

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Charging cycles with guaranteed residual capacity: over 600 times

Charging options: in installed or uninstalled position

The battery mentioned above is an example for a typic configuration. The final design and specifications of the battery are determinded by the bike manufacturer.

For more details about the battery type please refer to our sales staffs or contact the bike manufacturer.