Company History


• SR SUNTOUR was established by Sakae Ringyo Company with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan.

• Established a factory and office with an area of 11,000 m2 at 7, Hsing Yeh Road, Fu Hsing Industrial Zone, ChangHua, Taiwan, and began manufacture of mid- to high-end aluminium bicycle components.

• Received Taiwan government economic affairs department award for recognition of our promotion of alloy melt-forging technology, upgrading Taiwan bicycle production techniques and encouraging investment in Taiwan.


• An extension of 500m2 was completed, and production began of barrel finished aluminum products.


•  office set up in Belgium


• Started manufacturing front and rear derailleurs in collaboration with Maeda Kogyo Co., Ltd of Osaka Japan.

• A 2,300m2 facility was added on to the second floor of the main factory building. The operation started in the same month.


• Started manufacturing derailleurs and cog sets.
Started producing front suspension forks for Mountain Bikes.


• Started producing suspension forks for Trekking Bikes.


• Awarded ISO-9001 certificate.

• Installed an automated like-motion press machine (500 ton) to produce cold pressed sprockets and cogs.

• Started producing Mountain Bike magnesium forks.

•Six new HOMEL tanks (melting pots) were purchased for ultra high density mixing of aluminium ingots with alloy. This is for improving the quality and uniformity of finished products, and is more cost effective.


• Ten-year anniversary celebrated on March 30 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel during the Taipei International Bicycle Show, allowing us to introduce and promote our latest products.

• Installation of in-house 500-ton magnesium alloy melt-forging machine for the production of magnesium MTB suspension forks, and began research and development of similar industrial products.


• Government financial department stock management committee approved public issue of company stocks.


• Investment and establishment of Japan branch office, with capital of 80,000,000 yen to ensure the taking out of technical patents for company products.

• Awarded ISO-14001 certificate.


• New factory in ShenZhen, China formally starts production.


• Cartridge based lock out system for mountain bike suspension forks was developed and started mass production


• The first A-Team meeting was held at SR Suntours HQ


• New factory in Kunshan, China was established and starts production

• European head office moved to Valley, Germany

• New ERP system “TIPTOP” was introduced in all 3 production plants


• SR Suntour develops a  9 speed gear box system called the “Vboxx”

• 500 tons magnesium casting machine “TOYO” installed at Chang Hu (Taiwan) production plant


• The Vboxx wins Silver Award at the Eurobike show

• 650 tons magnesium casting machine “TOYO” installed at Chang Hu (Taiwan) production plant


• New  4000 square meter head office building was completed

• Vboxx sales started

• Three 350tons alloy casting machines were installed at Shenzen(China) production plant

• The SR Suntour Group achieved sales of 4 billion NTD


• SR Suntour launches a cartridge based electric lock out for mountain bike suspension forks

• Daisuke Kobayashi, CEO of the SR Suntour group rode around Taiwan while attending the Tour de Taiwan

• First ebike components launched

• 650tons automatic press “AIDA” installed

• Three 500 tons and three 350 tons alloy casting machines were installed at Shenzen(China) production plant

• Construction work for an new factory building offering 9000 square meter will start shortly at Shenzen(China) production plant


• New sales office established in Poland taking care of eastern European countries


• SR Suntour launches complete electric bike components line

• SR Suntour steps into the carbon business and launches a new carbon fiber bottom case

• AXON-WERX carbon goes on sale


• New plant construction in Kunshan

• Started selling AXON-RL-RC and EPICON-RL-RC suspension forks

• DUROLUX-RC2 suspension fork went on sale


• The newly completed factory in Kunshan goes operational

• Julie Bresset won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in London using an AXON-WERX carbon suspension fork


• Celebration of the 25th anniversary

• Start of the TWIN SENSOR E-Bike components



• start of selling AURON and RUX suspension forks

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