WERX Program

We don't put the WERX decal on our products just because it sells better. WERX products are telling stories about tough races, success and failure and unforgettable trips. All our research and development work ends in product improvements and all these innovations need to be field tested in the real world from real riders. We work with a network of world class athletes all over the world, riding under different conditions, on different terrain, in different disciplines.

Some riders take our products on a more than 3.000m high summit for an epic descent.Some riders travel 100.000 km per year around the world to test our forks at the World Cup races. And other riders figure out set-ups for special World Cup races that are no longer than a minute. Some other riders spend their whole summer road tripping through Europe or across North America from one freeride spot to another, sharing their caravan bed with their bikes.

Our ideas, our design solutions and our products wouldn't be complete without these people's feed-back. Our products come from race proven engineering.


IMTTO is an organization that was formed in 2001 and that currently has as its members Mountain Bike Trade Teams, Technical Support companies and Event Organizers. IMTTO is an international non-profit organization that contributes to the continued development of mountain bike racing. IMTTO is recognized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and has representation on the UCI's Mountain Bike Commission. IMTTO is an acronym formed by the words International Mountainbike Teams, Tech support and Organisers.

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