PCS - The Piston Compensator System

Control and predictability are key elements in the total enjoyment
and progression of our passion, mountain biking.
PCS - The Piston Compensator System or how to deliver Performance, Control and Safety.
P = Piston = Performance
C = Compensator = Control
S = System = Speed & Safety


Performance thru Controlled Speed. We believe we have developed a refined damper platform that can perform at any riding level, functions simply and follows our QSP philosophy.


PCS is 16 years of constant refinement within our cartridge science program. PCS is a simple and repeatable way, to reduce cavitation (air and oil mixing creating pressure building bubbles) inside the cartridge. This separation significantly reduces cavitation, which provides consistent and predictable damping performance at a WC DH level as well as throughout an entire season of play.

PCS Cartridge


Performance to us needs to be proven in the long run. Single cartridges with more than 200,000 cycles on our testing machines and countless hours with our WERX team have proven that our PCS is built to ride more hours, sip more refreshments and spend less time in a stand. But when the time comes for some fork care, service must be possible, quick and easy. All parts can be disassembled and the system can be bled and re-assembled again without the use of special tools. Quick Service Product (QSP) at its best, a cartridge system that is fully synchronized with our approach to applying simplicity to our designs.

PCS Cartridge suspension graph

For a world less shaken

Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling we’re aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step. With the PCS as the foundation and completely new designed shim based high-speed compression and rebound circuits, our new R2C2 cartridge is progress in the right direction with our testing data providing proof. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.



PCS inside - look for the PCS icon and know good things will be in your riding future. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.