ATS Front Motor System

Nominal power: 250 W

Maximum power: 400 W

Maximum torque: 40 Nm

System voltage: 36 V

Battery capacity: 8,6 Ah, 11,6 Ah

Maximum speed: 25 km/h

Walk assistance: yes

System weight: 7,8 kg including Cranks and Chainring


Power: 250 W (maximum 400 W)

Torque: 40 Nm

Voltage: 36V

Free wheel funktion: Genuine free wheel function

Individual weight: 2,6kg

Particularity: Speed sensor


Every system requires powerful and reliable propulsion! The HESC ATS front wheel drive system is the heart of our system!

The HESC ATS Front motor is the choice for front-wheel-drive city bikes. Suitable for getting around the often narrow city streets, the 40 Nm torque and 250 W (max. 400 W) offer a powerful, but easy-to-control system, thanks to ATS Sensor technology, for your everyday requirements.

The front-wheel system reduces the physical wear and tear of cranks, cassettes and chains and their associated costs.


Display size:2,7 inches

Choice of riding mode: No Assist, Eco, City, Sport

Operation: handle bar remote control

Speed indication

Total kilometres, trip kilometres

Rest capacity in %

System On / Off

Walk assistance

Light On / Off


Satellite-operated push assistance



The HESC ATS Display, together with the satellite, forms the central communication system of our system.

It shows all necessary and interesting information while in use and after use, such as data on speed, range or riding mode. You just start the system and switch it off, activate the push assistance or switch the light on!


Torque sensor

Pedalling frequenzy sensor

Infrared measurement: 36 measuring points

Chainwheel size: 38 teeth


You ride, we measure. The pedalling frequency and pedalling power parameter is determined via infrared.

You have a decisive influence on the driving properties, which we want to make as natural and dynamic as possible. You decide on the characteristics by choosing the assistance mode and the way and manner in which you turn the pedals.

Adapted to specific requirements, our city bikes have a crank with 38 teeth; mountain bikes and sporty trekking bikes have 42 teeth and an additional chain ring guard.



Capacity: 8,6 Ah, 11.6Ah

Range: up to 100km

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Charging cycles with guaranteed residual capacity: 500

Charging options: in installed or uninstalled position

The battery mentioned above is an example for a typic configuration. The final design and specifications of the battery are determinded by the bike manufacturer.

For more details about the battery type please refer to our sales staffs or contact the bike manufacturer.