The HESC concept


HESC stands for Human Electro Synergy Components and perfectly illustrates the combination of human strength and electro-mechanical support.

Based on the Active Torque Sensor System (ATS), it makes locomotion with a bike efficient, intuitive and high-performance. Are you going on a long weekend excursion or simply going for a ride in the fresh air? Are you planning a tour of the mountains without a stop? Are you moving about town, on the way to work, running errands or meeting friends?

Whatever your plans, the HESC ATS family supports you in all of your activities, whether it's power you're looking for or extreme comfort. Our free wheel design guarantees unlimited pleasure, pure freedom and a smooth ride!

»Refined simplicity«


Refined simplicity is not just a slogan; it's a forward-looking concept. Our mission is to meet the highest quality standards and guarantee easy handling, both in terms of use and service.

This translates into the least possible downtime and reduced service and maintenance costs. The HESC ATS Ebike System relies on fine-tuning its components and on as little integration as possible. Easy access, no special tools, no computers. - the Ebike doesn't attempt to be a UFO, it is still a bike.

We call it QSP - Quick Service Product.

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