DUALITY - The instance of opposition

We find ourselves back in Williams Lake, BC for the second installment of this collaboration..

We find ourselves back in Williams Lake, BC for the second installment of this collaboration. The early summer sun is hitting hot, the air is thick, and the bugs are possessed in a constant frenzy for fresh blood- they appear particularly interested in Old World, Frenchy blood-rich in butter and café gourmand. Eliott Lapôtre has made the long journey from France to meet us in the Chilcotin Country, to experience firsthand Doerfling’s backyard. As he stands idly anticipating Doerfling’s lead, the monstrous BC mosquitos seem like conceptions from some prehistoric horror flick; they swarm his entire body taking turns diving into every open piece of flesh, and yet Eliott's ear to ear smile is unwavering.

We take a familiar route on day two, bringing us to the banks of the Chilcotin River, which still rages from the heavy winter snow pack. Farwell Canyon has become legendary in freeride mountain bike lore, and Doerfling has brought us back to explore some bigger and even untouched lines. 

An early rise for our crew on day three has us hiking deep into one of the many secret zones that Doerfling has already scoped, far off the any beaten path, well out of cell service, and spectacularly beautiful. Peering down from the top of the exposed ridgeline Doerfling points out different possible routes, lines that most people would never consider possible for two-wheeled machines. Eliott’s excitement is clearly visible, his subtle shaking being either a result of heightened stoke or the overload of the persistent mosquito attack that he somehow still barely seems to notice.

The vantage point from this footing is incredibly striking, looking out over endless forests, plateaus, and river basins. With their toes balancing on the fringe of this particular high plateau and river basin, the world opens up below to steep chutes of loose dirt and shaley rock, and the plump river rages in the vertical backdrop. Home turf for Doerfling, a whole new world for Eliott. 

As their tires roll past the edge and the world tilts from level ground to falling ground, acceleration takes the lead, gravity takes control, and the calm composure of the rider seems the only way to properly manage such an intense change in motion. Bombing down the slope they carve their turns with waves of dirt spraying out from each side like blower pow on a winter storm day. True "big mountain biking"- rouge and exploratory, the line is of the rider’s desire, the commitment is full, and the feeling is pure freedom.

Duality is the contrast between two concepts, the instance of opposition. In our world of riding bikes, this translates to the balance between chaos and control, carrying momentum and abruptly halting, finding flow and tomahawking. Matt Brooks takes us on another action-packed adventure following James Doerfling as he shows Eliott Lapôtre some of his favorite zones in Williams Lake and the nearby Chilcotin Country. Supported by SRSUNTOUR and Box Components we bring you Part 2 of this collaboration! 

Riders: James Doerfling and Eliott Lapôtre

Video and Cinematography: Matt Brooks, Lone Wolf Production

Video Assistance: Hoshi Yoshida, Whyex Productions

and Mitch Cheek, Solos Productions

Photography: Hoshi Yoshida and JP Gendron

Words: JP Gendron 

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