We develop and manufacture many unique items for various segments of  the bicycle market. Since 1988 we have stuck to our policy of respect for the earth's environment and our commitment to high quality, creativity and best service. 

Throughout all these changes, one thing has remained the same: Our passion, our time and thoughts, love and energy, are dedicated to biking. How else could you understand our technicians waking up during a dream, going to the factory in the middle of the night and making sketches or files on prototypes.

It is this passion to our company principles of providing quality, value, and fulfillment which helps us to satisfy the expectations of our customers, of our retailers, and the bicycle enthusiasts who use our products day after day.

Devotion to improving riding is our inspiration. Producing affordable and innovative products for our customers is our business. Our innovative ideas and impulses will keep on changing the biking world for decades to come.

You can't reinvent the wheel? Well…we try passionately every day!




All our higher-end products have a feature based on melt-forged. The technology is called Accurad forging (AC4C) and has become an indispensable method which combines the benefits of casting and forging technology.

This unique aluminium casting technology was adopted first for handlebars and stems. We have since extended the use of the AC4C technology to seat pillars, cranksets, hubs and suspension forks.

Since the beginning of the production, we have accumulated over 40 years of research and experiences and are keener than ever to continue investing our time and know-how into casting and processing technology research as well as assembly technology.

Product Development

We always start our approach to product developments by analysing the demands of our customers. At the same time we explore new materials, new technology to incorporate them into our new products. From the development stage to the finished product we always keep in mind the requirements given from the customers regarding quality, safety and price.

Innovative Production

Since the introduction of the TPS method we have been continuously incorporating new manufacturing reforms like the „TQM“ „TPM“ methods.

The introduction of the [ERP] system has lead to a multilateral use of information and a more efficient interface between sales, shipping, material supply, manufacturing, and finance. With all our departments centralized we are able to guarantee a reliable cost structure and consistent production quality.

Quality Control

We have a comprehensive, in-house quality control structure which stretches from basic material analysis to fatigue testing machines equipped with hydraulic servo arms and a three-dimensional measurement approach to precisely check the dimensions.

Also state-of-the-art testing machines to evaluate the strength and performance of our products are in-house which guarantees a stable and dependable supply of high quality products.


Phenomena such as global warming and environmental pollution on a global scale have become a dangerous problem.

Since our company obtained the ISO14001 certification, we actively involve ourselves in environmental-friendly production on a global and local scale. The bicycle itself is an environmental-friendly product, and contributes to a healthy and sustainable life.

Field test by WERX

Some riders take our products over climbs above 3.000m high an epic descents. Some riders travel 100.000 km per year around the world to test our forks at the World Cup races. And other riders configure set-ups for special World Cup races which last less than a minute.

Other riders spend their whole summer road tripping through Europe or across North America from one freeride spot to another, sharing their caravan bed with their bikes. Our ideas, our design solutions and our products wouldn’t be complete without these riders‘ feedback.

Our products come from race proven engineering.

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